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How would you feel when the site you opened consists of a black screen with five lines about a dating website and lots of Google ads below that link to different online dating sites?

Click on one of the ads? Yes, I did exactly that! My first reaction of the site was it is a dating directory! So, I happily clicked on one of the ads. Thanks to my curiosity, I came back to the site to click on a link amidst the text that talked about “our website”!

A very bad start! If you thought it is over, then you are wrong. Confusion was at large when I entered their “Website”. All I could see when I entered the second page was a login page with loads of Google ads below it. Since I assumed I had to register to start using the site, I proceeded to register. But to my chagrin, that page never changed! It was only after fifteen minutes of fretting, I realised below the ocean of ads, there is the registration form! I must say, the site owner created the site not to give dating service but to be a great contributor to Google adsense!

The next thing I saw forced me to declare this site a big disaster! Before you stop reading it, let me explain. On one hand, it says register to date. On the other hand, the gallery is free to visit and even visitors can leave lewd remarks! This is very unacceptable especially when the people in the photos are real! Enter this site if you just want to have a wild night out! Any expectations of serious commitment would be foolish.

Ease of Use : Ask me what trouble I had to take to figure out that the information I was seeking is just half page scroll away! A pathetic website to navigate. The user would be frustrated before they discover that they are on the right page!

Selection of ladies : Well, the ladies in there are real! But so are the comments on them. There is absolutely no decency in the whole place. Not only are the visitors leaving some comments, even the ladies in the gallery can leave a description which is more often than not suggestive. A very sad affair, so to say! You can also view a male gallery with pictures of men. Same story, once again!

Our star rating : 0/10. This may look harsh but there was nothing that could make me award them at least one point. Even the site maintenance is a catastrophe!

Contact Info : No mention!


American or Filipino : Filipino

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