Have you ever heard of a phrase called “splendorful”? Chances are you haven’t. Well, if you go through this site, you would understand the exact meaning! Filipina splendor is all about beautiful Filipino women and the splendour of being with them!

The very first look at the site would tell you that you have come to a professional site where they make sure that the experience is “splendorful”!

The cool purple set up sets the tome immediately and you find yourself gazing at the beautiful women gracing the screen. And it was then that the truth struck me! This site comes bang on target! It doesn’t talk about the virtues of Filipina women, their culture, their country or their advantages. It starts off with what you want, that is, Filipina women as life partners! There is only a small, believe me, very small introduction at the very end of the page which I am sure none of the visitors would bother much to read!

I would definitely love to register here and search for my beautiful wife at this site. The reason being everything is so easy and smooth. The registration is free and once you register, you can see the ladies profiles in full. Most of the sites allow you to view the ladies profiles with out even registering. But this one makes sure that women are not at the mercy of roving eyes of thousands of visitors.

Moreover, there are subscription plans in the membership also. It can be of one month, two months, three months, six months or more. The longer the subscription period, the cheaper it is. Unfortunately, the prices were not mentioned. The payment is through credit card which will help you in auto-renewing your plan. However, if you have got your partner or no more interested in continuing, then you can cancel it.

For a change, the FAQs page had sufficient information. I had observed that this vital page is the worst maintained page in dating sites. It is always vague and insufficient. Conversely, this site is an exception. They have a thoroughly explained page which answers almost all your doubts!

Ease of use : The visitor would love the site immediately. It has no ambiguity in any of the pages. You can easily find information and access it without any worries.

Selection of ladies : The ladies profiles are visible only if you are registered. However, from what I can see from the charming ones on the homepage, I am very impressed with their profiles! There has been no mention about how many are there. So no way of guessing the database size! The photos are real but are of good quality. So, we can safely say they are real women!

Our star rating : 9/10. The site is too good and lives up to the new word it aptly created “splendorful”!!

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Contact Info :


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