Here’s a site with a difference! Welcome to the Filipino dating site which is an enormous package in itself. You want love advice? Or are you losing sleep because you will soon be uttering “I do”? Whatever is the issue that troubles your love life; you can find an answer in this site!

The site homepage effuses warmth that you would not find in other dating sites. One must have come across many dating sites that makes the word dating and love sound vulgar. However, sites like this uphold what they really mean and kudos for that. The whole concept of dating is not abused here. In fact, you would find tips for successful dating on their site. This definitely makes one feel at ease.

The site gives a proper introduction to the actual Filipino girl through the front page article. The matter in the article has an honesty that would impress everyone. For the first time, I have come across site that doesn’t talk to Filipino girls as some poor creatures who are dying to be airlifted by rich foreigners! The site restores their dignity that has been squandered by several other dating sites.

The best part of the site is the number of articles they provide with regards to love, dating and marriage. They have different categories under which you would find your area of interest. The categories are online dating tips which includes informative articles like the myths of dating, dos and don’ts of dating, before you start which includes write-ups like whether dating is ideal for you and lots more! My favourite is of course, the secrets of Filipino dating! This particular category starts from why you should choose a Filipino lady as your partner to the dating customs over there that would help us in not crossing the forbidden line! Pretty useful!

Standard membership is free! They offer a host of services for free which is very impressive. You would be able to chat, view profiles, send messages, etc. You would also have access to their magazines where you can out in your questions and get answered by so many! There is paid membership also, technically, called “Gold” members. They charge as less as twenty five cents a day! That’s dirt cheap!

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Ease of Use : The site is very user-friendly. Navigation is never a problem. However, you would be definitely baffled at the first look as you may find it difficult to believe that a dating site can be so clean!

Selection of ladies : The ladies collection is good. The photos uploaded are real ones and I can vouch for that! The ladies have all casual poses that gives the real picture, rather than the phoney smiles and poses that professional ones have! Only one problem, not all photos are profiles. Lots of unnecessary snaps are also uploaded that spoils a perfect party!

Our star rating : 9/10. The only point they missed out on is the proper maintenance of the profiles.

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