This is a little site that promises to deliver big if you pay money! This is the first thing I noticed when the black homepage loaded. This site is dedicated to finding single Filipina women for sincere European and American men!

The foremost thing that would catch your interest, thanks to its central location, is the picture of beautiful women all smiling back at you! And just below that you would find yourself staring at the figures mentioned to meet them. They are announcing summer packages to Philippines which are reportedly romantic packages and the costs are unbelievable! For a nine day to either Philippines or Bangkok would cost you a whopping $2195. With such cheap airlines and accommodation, can’t one go alone and get things done faster?!

The details of the profiles are accessible only to members. I realised this because I was quite impressed with the beautiful ladies in the picture and wanted to see more! That got me a chance to go through the membership details and found myself marvelling at it. Well, the membership is quite affordable. Their schemes start with $9 to $149 over a period of one month to twelve months. These are pretty good prices and going for any of them won’t be a bad idea. I would come to the reasons soon!

A membership would help you contact your ladies who would be more interested in talking to you on webcam rather than be pen pals. What a contrast to the name the site has!!

Ease of Use : The site is not as user-friendly as I would have expected. There is an element of confusion when searching for pages and that is bad news. It is very important that the visitor finds information fast and any delay will only result in losing potential clients.

Selection of ladies : The ladies on the front page were very impressive. Though the following pages weren’t as good, it cannot be passed off without one proper look. The photos are all real with very few professional pictures uploaded. The quality, therefore, varies a lot. It is difficult to say how many profiles are there on the site but it doesn’t seem to be too big. Only a membership would give you the exact picture.

Our star rating : 7/10. Even though I found so many flaws, still there is something in this site that would make you come back. Therefore, points for the membership schemes and ladies on the catalogue.

Contact Info : Not mentioned


American or Filipino owned : Filipino

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