Welcome to one of the most secure sites on Filipina women! If you are not a member, you have nothing to do here! It’s almost like an ultimatum – get in here and enjoy this or get lost, you have nothing here!

It is good though. For the first time, I saw a site that doesn’t boast of beautiful Filipina women waiting to be married to you. It doesn’t showcase them as their prizes. Instead, it does a dignified act of keeping their profiles away from the public. If this impresses you, then this site is just for you!

Well, they have promised a lot once you become a member. They are not a marriage agency that facilitates meeting Filipina women. It is purely a Filipina dating site and hence also offers features matching to that.

You have a chatbox that apparently is your chatting messenger! You can chat with your friends and interests over here. Every member will have their own mailbox. So, you can send and receive mails from your interests at this site. You can search through the profiles which are hidden from non-members and pick your favourite! You also have a notebox and favoritebox. Well, I do not know the exact functionality but it is anyone’s guess!

Apart from the debate forum, you can also access live stream video! Now that’s too good for paying nothing! Yes, you heard it right! All this is free. Nowhere have they mentioned any amount and have claimed the whole site and all facilities to be free!

The only problem I found with the site is the extra long profile page. You have to fill up a long form to become their member. This is mandatory as this form is both your registration form and profile that will be uploaded on the site. Therefore, there is no point complaining!

Ease of Use : As mentioned above, there are very few pages to browse if you are not a member. Even if you are a member, it is a simple site! No graphics to delay loading, it is a smooth ride all along!

Selection of ladies : After reading so much about the site, I was really looking forward to the site ladies! Well I was not disappointed! The ladies are good-looking and the photos are also of average quality. It would be a pleasure to have such beautiful women to talk to and who knows, you may also find your lady love.

Our star rating : 8/10. This is for keeping the site short, simple and sweet!

Contact Info : Not mentioned.


American or Filipino owned : Filipino

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