After so many restricted sites which charge you for every bit you load onto their site, this site is a refreshing change! It claims it doesn’t charge for uploading videos!

The whole site, Filipina-lady, is based on a very different concept and a good one at that! The heart of this site is the Filipina-lady forum. This is where the men and women interact with each other. In other words, this is the place where they chat. If you think this would cut down your privacy, then you are wrong!

You have your personal mailbox where you can anytime maintain your privacy and date the man or woman of your choice. If that is not enough, you can also contact your partners through private messages or SMS!

Not just this, the main attraction of the site is the video upload. You can record you video and upload it onto the forum. This is mighty important as all ladies and men are on the forum and it can act as an excellent profile for anyone serious! Now this is what is meant by – beautiful things come in small packets!

There are other advanced features in the site that would make the experience pleasant. One of the examples if a slide show of profiles! I bet you would hardly find any site offering this feature!

I am sure after seeing all these features, any dating fan would like to register and rightly so! Well, they have a step by step explanation about the whole process of registration which is impressive. If you are more excited about posting your video profile, they have a flash demo for you ready! And if you are still lost, then they have tutor to guide you! You name it and you have it!

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Ease of use : It’s when you don’t remember getting stuck on a page is what I call ease of use and this site has stood up proudly to that definition! Not once do I remember me complaining about the information, speed, features, etc. This is a truly an amazing site!

Selection of ladies : There is no way to count how many photos are present there, but you can definitely enjoy the number of profiles present! The database does seem small though. The pictures are real ones shot at various locations. And the women are definitely genuine!

Our star rating : 9/10. This site definitely deserves kudos. It is a site with a difference and has attempted to stand out in the crowd!

Contact Info :You can contact the admin by filling up the form.


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