Sale is in the air and you get almost everything free now! Even dating Filipina women! Yes, this site provides free dating with Filipina women and help them find ideal partners for themselves!

But why is this free? The site claims it is not a marriage agency (you can see that the moment you get the homepage downloaded!) and seeks only being a platform for people to hang about and date. This would help the Filipina women find love! Moreover, they believe relationships take a long time to form. Placing a price on it and doing it in a hurry is not something they would advise anyone to do! Fair enough!

As mentioned above, dating here is completely free. You have to register to start dating the women over there! Registration form is a small one, unlike other two page registration forms you normally come across! Therefore, getting you a login ID is definitely not all that tough a task!

Once you register, you can be hooked like crazy. Why? Well, here are the reasons! The membership would get you access to all profiles, instant messaging, video chat and much more! In fact, you can upload both your audio and video profiles, which is definitely cool! In addition, if you want to stop some unwanted user troubling you, you can always block them! Now isn’t that wonderful?

Moreover, keeping up with the times, they have a blog too. You can pour out your feelings, views, opinion pr whatever you call that noise in your head on to their web pages and let the world read it! There are forums too to share the noise at a larger platform!

Ease of Use : The site has many pages and navigating was a bit of a problem especially with so much of information waiting to attack you! The profiles page was the slowest though. Nevertheless, the wait is worth it!

Selection of ladies : A typical dating site profile page! You have all cheery faces smiling back at you and you wonder which one is a real smile! Almost all profiles are good, though the same can’t be said about the quality. However, with a dating site this is inevitable as people come here for friendship and looks are not really that important!

Our star rating : 8/10. Very nice site, but improvement in the ease of use would be advisable. Moreover, there are host of features that the user may not even notice, thanks to the small font and the faint color of the links. A better projection of those features would work wonders for the already great site!

Contact Info : Fill up a form to contact them!


American or Filipino owned: Filipino

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