A single delicate Filipina woman is waiting for her American prince charming and wants to get away from the torture of staying in the Philippines where she is treated as dirt.

She dreams and dreams about chivalrous American men and then one day, she gets a letter from an American man who is equally fed up with an uncaring American woman. She is delighted! They exchange letters for one year, two years …and they get married! In fact, they live happily ever after!

Well, if you thought it was a modern Filipina fairy tale, then you are wrong!! This is what most Filipina wedding site says! The only difference being that the names are changed! Yes, with a story like this, they expect to fool people.

This site is no different. It starts with a sweet love story how the owners met and wrote each other and how they are so happy now because the American husband married a Filipina woman!! Well, this site went a step further. It also explains you how well you would be satisfied sexually if you marry a Filipina girl, because even though they are not “experienced”, they are willing to do anything to satisfy you!

Now that’s what I call going over the board, and they did try a high jump! There is nothing the site offers you. All they offer you is stories about Filipina woman and their “virtues”. Every time you click on useful links like membership, you would be directed to another site that is equally bad or rather worse than this!

The site has nothing of its own. In fact, even the photo gallery is of another site.

The only good thing about the site is the advice they have for women and men looking for such relationship. It’s a nice piece on how to increase your chances in the relationship. Of course you will have a feeling that, this is more like selling yourself. But they are quite okay with that!

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Ease of use : If you are talking about this site, then there are no criteria to judge them. This is because every time I click on any link, I am directed to some site which would kill any excitement you have about dating Filipina women.

Selection of ladies : There is no profile to judge them. The photo gallery lies on another website.

Our star rating : 3/10. I have given three points for the articles on the site which I mentioned above. This site is big NO!

Contact Info : Not mentioned.


American or Filipino owned : Unknown