Filipina Eyes

They say “First impression is the best impression”. If I go by this adage, then this site’s first impression is definitely a disaster! The very first thought you will get when you open this site is that it is an online dating directory, thanks to too many ads that are placed.

It is only when you scroll down to please your curiosity; you find that it is indeed a site that provides online dating with Asian women!

For all those who you are looking for some serious dating, then this is not a site that would give you enough confidence. Shabbily maintained, it is very difficult to make out things in the site. For example, if you are looking to see some photos of the existing members, then you are lost! Its only when you scroll down till the bottom of the page, you realise there is a box that has the options. This is quite weird as not many people have the patience to browse through each and very part of a dating website. No wonder, the site owner preaches patience in one of the pages!

The only good thing about the site seems to be its membership plans. It has got free memberships for both men and women. However, you can browse through the site and the profiles even if you are not registered. It also has a section which clearly mentions the various laws in U.S when you are getting your Asian mate to the country through online dating. This can be very useful for all those who would find their partners from different nationality.

The site would also give you free newsletters and profiles if you choose to give your mail ID to them. So, there is absolutely no cost involved in using this site for your love blues. I wonder from where the site earns. Is it the ads?!

Ease of use : This is a difficult website if we talk about navigation. First, as mentioned above, the user will take time finding the navigation bar. When he actually finds it, he realizes every page has clicks at different parts of the pages! This is quite a major pain in the whole site. Moreover, the link titles are quite vague to continue navigating.

Selection of ladies : There are around 850 profiles of Asian ladies. Most of the photos lack professionalism. Therefore, they look like real people rather than models. The number is quite reasonable to choose from, especially if you like variety!

Star Rating : I would give it 5/10. It doesn’t at all look like a professional site. The only things that fetch the points are the number of profiles, free memberships and legal information.

Contact details : Not mentioned. Have to fill up a form to contact them by mail.


American or Filipino owned : Not known

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