When was the last time you came across a dating site that would look, feel and smell professional? Don’t bother answering. I can guess the timeline! That’s why, if you are die-hard fan of online dating or otherwise, just have a look at this site and you will know what I am talking about.

To start with, the site has an amazing finish that soothes your eyes instantly. The smiling young faces on the site lift your bored spirits to a new high. The girls in the poster are cute and refreshing. The sweet pink that flows across the site is a charming potion for all those looking for an exciting time dating.

But the best thing about the site is the way it has organized its business. Everything from the welcome to the last page is thoroughly organized. There is never a point when you needed some information and had to run wild searching for it.

This particular dating site provides a host of features and some are even unheard of by their competitors! For example, fildate provides live radio for its members! I am sure you would rarely find such a novelty in dating sites. More impressive services that they provide are the web and mic chat that you can have. The only drawback here is it is chargeable for anyone who is outside Philippines. We will come to the charges later though.

You can also upload audio, video and images in the galleries, thus allowing you more exposure for communication. You have forums, email matchmaking, etc. According to me, the social networking service they give is what steals the limelight. Dating sites would have a huge flow of young people all over the world and we all know how popular social networking sites like Orkut,, etc are. This feature in this site would definitely keep members hooked to this site!

All services are 100 % free except for the web and mic chat. These two services are not free for members outside Philippines and I must say they are not unreasonable. For instance, for one month, they charge $9.99 for web chat!

Ease of Use : The site, as I had mentioned above, is a pleasure! No hassles or long waits. You would just breeze through!

Selection of ladies : The ladies or for that matter, the men at the site are what you would term as “Cool”! Young and bubbly faces are what you will find in most of the profiles. Photos are a mix of professional and real. All in all, they are good to look at. The site has a total of over 9000 profiles.

Our star rating : 9.5/10. The only place where this site loses marks is the charge that the user has to pay for a simple service like web chat. Otherwise, this is a highly recommended one!

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