Cebu is located in the heart of Philippines and the site claims is the heart of Philippines when it comes to beautiful women! Yes, this site is dedicated to providing beautiful, young Filipina women their dream foreigner and the frustrated foreigner their dream Filipina woman!

A pretty common site, there is not much that would make this site stand apart. The site’s homepage is very simple that is not going to incite any kind of interest in you. In fact, the page is loaded with Cebu woman and you wonder why they are claiming them to the most beautiful women in Philippines!

The site starts with a loud advertisement about free membership. Yes, they have free membership but that’s only a part of the story. The free membership would include no contact with the lady of your choice except sending “smiles”. Now that means you can send some smiley that your interest will try to decipher! Moreover, the profiles of the ladies that you would be eligible are “lower ranked”. Now it seems there is a ranking system that categorizes women in the site. However, there is no mention as to how they are ranked and what makes one low ranked or high ranked. This would have helped the visitor a lot. What a punishment for being a free member!

There is paid membership also as you must have guessed by now. Well, the first service is that you can send unlimited messages to your interest and are also eligible to send smiles to women of all ranks. Moreover, the best part is you would get access to all “high ranked” women and photos in the gallery! The prices will not surprise you much as they are very much coordinated with the market, though I would say the up-market! You are supposed to pay almost $25 for one month, 50 dollars for three months and just $80 for six months. The prices do not seem to be too much but the services definitely seem too little for so much of money.

They also have service called “Romantic tour” that is a package tour to Philipines which they have priced at $250. I would, nevertheless, advise you to first get things cleared before sending the money as such packages usually have lot of hidden charges.

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Ease of Use : There was not much problem in navigating. Ease of use is good to an extent.

Selection of ladies : The women I could find on the profile page were not beautiful in contrast with what the site claimed. I do believe beauty is skin-deep but the quality of the photos should be good enough to see the ladies properly!

Our star rating : 6/10. The site can be improved enormously. The membership offers can also be reviewed for better chances of getting members of the site.

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