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If there is any place that would make you assume women as products, then you have reached the correct place. This site is an excellent example of how women are used to further business. What else are you supposed to feel when the links placed on the site talk of “Guaranteed FRESH”!

The site is a designer’s disaster and has absolutely nothing that would help you figure out things there. The site starts with a bold letter introduction about how the owner was interviewed by CNN and how beneficial online bride-searching is for the frustrated men of the west. And from there, there is no head or tail of the website that would help you understand what it is trying to project.

You are greeted with n number of links that take you to enormous number of sites. But what particularly irritates you during the time you are in that site is the way a woman is projected. Through out the site, you would get the feeling of how a woman is the product here that the foreigners have to come to buy.

There are special pages dedicated to explain how Asian women are better than American women. They talk how Asian women are gentle, beautiful, soft, family-oriented, “divorce-fearing” and weak. They explain this with examples like this: Asian women won’t shout at you if come home late like her western counterpart! Or Asian woman would place her husband and children first, not career! Isn’t it outrageous?! My reason for not accepting such categorization is that by categorizing women that way, they are suppressing the real person in her and also at the time cheating the foreigner by giving a false image! Is woman worth only if she sacrifices herself to the family? Well, this site definitely thinks so!

There are absolutely no services that they provide. The only thing they do through the site is ask you to “order” and you will get an address on how much you can pay them. And the prices are exorbitant! How about $30 for one address? And if you choose to first write letter, you would be charged $15 for writing an 80 word letter! Now that’s called charity!

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Ease of Use : Like a mentioned above, this is any visitor’s nightmare! Finding information is extremely difficult and time-consuming.

Selection of ladies : There are about 4000+ ladies in their catalogue. The photos are normal and quality is extremely poor.

Our star rating : 2/10. The only thing that fetched marks was the founder was actually interviewed by CNN!

Contact Info :

Heart of Asia Romance Network
PMB # 131
2658 Del Mar Heights Road
Del Mar, CA 92014 USA
Fax/Tel: 1-213-596-6277 (International) (Mon -Fri, 9am -5pm)

URL : http://www.afilipinabride.com/

American or Filipino owned : American

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