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There are countless reviewing dating sites out there. However most are made and set up by dating websites themselves in order to boost their own popularity! Our number one mission when providing a review is to be as clear and as fair as possible to help you find the love of your life. Having reviewed dozens of Filipina dating sites, we hope to provide the largest variety of options and choices to our visitors, as possible. Always remember, before you decide to join a dating site, look for serious and honest reviews, which we provide on our extensive library of reviews.

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We are 100% independent; we are not affiliated to any specific dating site, and our website is powered by real writers and reviewers who dedicate time and energy into making adequate and fair reviews. Our website runs completely on advertisements that are both relevant and interesting to most of our viewers. These ads are our only real incentive that allows us to offer the highest quality reviews for our visitors. Our website has been online and helped thousands of cupids since 2008 and will continue to do so in many years to come. This site was started with only one mission in mind, and that was to help all of those in need of love find it in the right place.

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We make sure to review most of the websites so you don’t have to. We take the time to review each site carefully and cautiously for any type of scam. Our review site provides clear and easy to understand reviews. We give features, cons and pros, ratings, and even ease of use ratings. Here at FilipinaDatingReview.com we take pride in the fact our reviews are 100% truthful and reliable.

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When it comes to quality, reliability and passion for our work, you can believe that FilipinaDatingReview.com is the first and leading website. We hope to help you in every way possible and more importantly hope that our site made a difference in your personal love life.